Key Features

NH Chakra-Manage relationship with your patients

NH Chakra allows healthcare providers manage relationship with their patients beyond their premises. It connects various stakeholders within the care team ensuring patients get a seamless care


EHR+PHR data

Leverage organised data for better diagnosis. Get access to complete health history of the patient arranged in the chronological manner, all abnormalities are highlighted which saves your time and energy to arrive at the right diagnosis.

Health Analytics

You can now visually see the graphs and asses the numbers. The best part is you can view it patient wise, disease wise, doctor wise, risk wise or clinic wise for any desired duration.

Role based
Data access
Role based Data access

All access, limited access or no access, all these options can be enabled based on the role. Each portal is customized based on their needs to perform effectively. Each role has a different portal design, specifically customized based on their requirements.

healthcare system
Integrated healthcare system

Only solution where you will find the doctor, diagnostic labs and pharmacy all under one roof. By connecting these broken links, we have enabled seamless and faster communication. It makes things convenient for the patient and rewarding for you.

Increased per
patient revenue
Increased per patient revenue

In the era of switching from one doctor to another, we ensure your patient remaining loyal to you. Earn each time patient comes back for timely follow ups.

Reduced leakages
and pilferage
Reduced leakages
and pilferage

Ensuring availability of diagnostic tests, pharmacy, etc will enable you to provide ALL INCLUSIVE care under one roof. This ensures minimal dropouts.

recommendation engine
Clinical recommendation engine

System identifies the abnormalities in reports, alarming signals and alerts all the concerned personnel and most importantly tells the patient what needs to be done next. Our clinical solution makes the healthcare system proactive and effective. This enables you to continue to take care of your patients beyond the clinic door.

Health monitoring
Continuous Health monitoring

Send your health coaches to the patients doorsteps or let the patient enter their latest updated data. Each of this will be saved, monitored and analysed. This will allow intervention when necessary.

Our Journey

NH Chakra allows healthcare providers to engage their patients regularly. It connects various stakeholders within the care team ensuring patients get a seamless care. As a company, we also work with Governments & Local Administrations under our brand Nanohealth, and with Corporates under our brand NHAssurance. We even won the Hult Prize in 2014, which was awarded to us by many dignitaries such as Bill Clinton! Learn more about our initiatives by clicking the tabs below

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What People are Saying about us

Dr. Satya Lohitha Pedapati

Dr. Sireen Batchu

Initially I was apprehensive about transitioning from pen and paper to a digital platform for my practice. But now after using NH Chakra for so many months, I am glad I made this choice as now I can do everything from seeing the patient’s history to calling them on the go, all by myself without any assistance. My patients not just find it convenient and time saving to use the app but most importantly they feel being taken care of even when they are at home due to the customised recommendations and compliance tracking features.Thanks to NH Chakra, I am able to establish my practice beyond my clinic.

Dr Harshitha Jain,

I have been with NanoHealth for almost a year. Earlier I used to spend almost a whole day visiting the lab and then going to the doctor for my monthly tests. Taking an appointment from the lab and doctor and then spending hours in the traffic to get there used to be a stressful event for me and my family. Now, everything is done in the comfort of my home.


I am a 31-year old entrepreneur. My genetic disposition to diabetes and cholesterol worsened my health. That's when I came across NanoHealth - I was screened to be at high-risk for cholesterol. Thankfully, the screening was a wakeup call for me! I signed up for NanoSafe plan. I take video consultation with NanoHealth doctor and my health coach visits me regularly. As a result, my cholesterol and diabetes have come under control. I must say, NanoHealth is the perfect partner to keep me healthy- efficiently and worry-free!

Praveen Dwarakanath,

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